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4-6-12 Let Go to Love

4-6-12   Let Go to Love

Saturday morning I woke up none the richer (no winning lottery ticket) and to rain so I had to cancel my walking and talking event. It turned out to be a good twist of fate however as I noticed an invite to a spiritual workshop on my spiritual in NJ facebook ID It was an event to play a game called Satori and it was great! I had sent the intention now to work on leggting go of my anger, as I said in an earlier blog I discoved that I still have a lot to deal with and get rid of. I signed up and went to go post it to my main profile in case some friends of mine wanted to go and discovered that she was already my friend on my main page, talk about synchronisity! So off I went to play the game. I was pleasantly suprised to find my hypnotist friend was there, someone I admire quite a bit but seldom get the chance to speak to when were are out. He and I discussed trading hypnotism for reiki as I know I need deeper help with my weight issues...

Anyway we sat down to play the game and she said we can choose what to work on or let the game choose, all of us let the game choose. I was suprised when I drew workplace and the issue there illness, disease or injury. We went around and each said why they came today and what the issue was the board had chosen for them to work on. I again was quite happy to see that all were there similarly to me, that they had grown and done much work but having "peeled the onion layer" discovered another one to work on. I was not alone! I felt so much less down on myself for where I was at in my own growth, and some of these people are healers too! See you are never "done" but thats ok. So it was my turn to expalin my issue and I said I think this means I am angry about my position at the office, I never finished college because I kept getting depressed and not getting good grades despite how smart I am and I am angry that I have gone as far as I can despite the fact that I am smarter than many of my co-workers who make tons more money. I was angry that I can barley pay bills while I have to hear about thier fancy vacations and new cars and I am smart or smarter than many. I am angry for my parents not helping me pay for school, for accusing me of cheating when I got genius level scores on my IQ tests in grade school, for buying a new camper instead of helping me with part of my tuition so I could stay in college. So much came out! On that issue in the end it became clear that I was never meant to have a degree and climb the corporate ladder, that I could so much more good for humanity with out work getting in my way, something I felt but the re-affirmation was wonderful. The game had limiting beliefs that we all cleared, mine being I have to be perfect to be loved, and my life just isn't working (both things I have been feeling lately). There were healing issues and saying I forgive to some people. I did my parents, a meetup friend who screwed me big time in many ways, and Randy. I was angry at him for only telling me he loved me when I bought him something and I am angry at him for keeping that woman around for the money she pays him. I released these and shortly thereafter I got a was him..... He said: we didn't win the lottery, my reply: guess you have to keep the wife....Not was his reply. I ignored it, guess I am going to have to tackle my anger for that issues another day as I failed the test on had I really let it go....

Each of us really did some healing and work during the game, they all said it seemed as thought I did the most and I told them all my healers are amazed at how fast and how deep I do the work. The game had Karam cards, lessons we had come to learn this life. Mine were: humility and fairness. The part I liked most of all was the New Story Cards we got to draw. I think I ended up getting the most (i was the last one to win the game) they were:
  • When I show up as who I am, everyone loves me
  • Life's so easy now I off to the beach
  • I am always abundantly supplied and money flows easily into my life now
  • I am every bit as popular as anyone else
  • I have many God given gifts that I joyfully share with others
  • I take control of what I can control and trust spirit to handle all the rest
I cried as I drew each card. And when I got home later an this was in my newsfeed:
Wash the dust from your Soul and Heart with wisdom's water. ~Rumi~ 
I had indeed cleared alot of dust that day...

Sunday I slept in till 8am, I had gotten home much later from the game than I expected and never got a nap, so I begged off the dancing event I had signed up for and dozzed off watching TV totally throwing off my going to sleep schedule, then again I am on vacation so who cares? I had a kite flying event in the afternoon so I happily lazed around slowly and did light chores and lots of internet work and stuff. I had a whole list of things to get done while on vacation and tried to get at least some of them done.

Monday I got up and went gorcery shopping and cleaned the house and waited for my son's to arrive which they did early in the evening. I cooked them dinner and listed to the tales of thier trip. Jeremy was so full of anger and crankiness though and Dustin said he hadn't been that way the whole trip till he got here. It came up that he wants to go to Florida with his friend Alex and I do not approve of that idea but in the end I said listen you are 21 you can do whatever you want to do but I am entitled to my opinion. I also gave my opinion to the coal mine in Ohio job, he has asthma and no drivers liscence.

We've been having a good week so far though, I took them to a movie one day the arcades another day, one day we stayed home and did yard work. It was just like old times though Dustin helped a little and then it was Jeremy and I working together all the rest of the time. Dustin just watched TV, played on his computer or stummed his banjo most of the time so far. I wish that I had more money so I could take him somewhere really fun but I just don't. I so wanted him to have fun. But at least we are getting along and not fighting about anything and when religion came up we had a short discusssion and then dropped it, he's seeing now that we each have our own beliefes but neither one of us has to force them on the other.

And speaking of faith I had a bit of healing there too. I have been participating in a group on Facebook made up of my old college friends, we have been having a blast posting and remenising and such, sometimes we got down a path of talking about beer blasts and crushes and intervisitation. It was a small Catholic school and had very strict rules, and basically there were the holy rollers and the not so holy rollers, I of course fell in the later! One of the holy rollers posted and said "lets elevate this a bit" and changed the topic, to which I did respond to the question and added a BTW: You could have just posted a new topic with out the judgement, its people and attitudes like you that drove me away from church for a very long time. I got a lot of likes for that comment, and I have met so many who have had the same thing happen.......all I can say is don't judge christ by the behavior of christians all the time....they are after all only human. I of course said a prayer for her and sent her some love to thaw that heart and  to sum it all up I posted a song that I had always loved back when I did go to mass at Steubie U. They Will Know We are Christians by Our Love... A good reminder.......

Today on this Good Friday I want you to reflect on what a great love that Jesus had for us that he lay down his very life for us. Can't you decide to Love someone today, forgive them for whatever wrong they may have done you and pray for them and send them love and light? It's the only way to healing for them for you and for this planet.............

With Love and in the Light,  Cassie

They Will Know We are Christians by Our Love

And they'll know we are Christians by our love,
By our Love,
Yes they'll know we are Christians by our love.

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